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The arcane metropolis is a story about determination. Life thriving despite all the hardships. Roaming around a city, an artist is exhausted by the recurrence of a singular shape—the box. Architecture, structures, everything seems imprisoned within its angular embrace. We are born in rooms shaped by its confines, and throughout our lives, we find ourselves confined within the eight corners of this ubiquitous form. 

The allure of design, once a boundless realm of imagination, has succumbed to the dominance of practicality and consumption. While navigating the city's arteries, the artist chances upon a delicate, feeble plant growing between the cracks of a 15-floored building, an oasis of wildness amidst the meticulously crafted, man-made chaos. 

This embodiment of nature's audacity, its unwavering spirit of growth is what stirs an inspiration for this collection. May these creations awaken your spirit of exploration, urging you to wander and uncover the delicate blooms that thrive amidst the urban landscape.

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